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адв. Жасмина Николова

Lawyer Jasmina Nikolova is a Master of Laws. She graduated at the Juridical faculty of Technical University city of Varna in year 2002. She works as a lawyer since 14 January 2003, when she was entered in the register of Varna College of barristers. Lawyer Jasmina Nikolova has specialized in the field of the civil law  – family, right of inheriting, contractual, labour, commercial law and procedure representation. The narrow specialization of lawyer Jasmina Nikolova is connected with the contractual law and with the investment projects in this field. She consults and represents of procedure many corporative and foreign clients. Proprietary disputes, as per which lawyer Jasmina Nikolova has been a representative of procedure, have been reported in the press frequently, as particular theoretical interest are the juridical standpoints in connection with announcement of invalidity of the juridical deals. She has experience of many years in her work as a consultant of great number of foreign investors, to whom she has rendered juridical pieces of advice in all spheres of the commercial law, as well as in the field of the contractual law. A big part of the casus in her legal practice are connected with the procedure defence of persons, who have been affected at carrying out of invalid legal deals, and namely at lack of representative authority /invalid power of attorneys/, deals at lack of consent, misleading, contracts, concluded at an extremity or conditions obviously under disadvantage, because of which lawyer Nikolova specializes narrowly in this field. Her opinion and standpoint regarding casus, connected with invalidity of deals with real estates, and namely all vices, which lead to insignificance and voidability (contractual law) is sought not only by clients, but also by colleagues under already initiated legal proceedings. In year 2006 lawyer Jasmina Nikolova initiated and won the first in Bulgaria legal proceedings under the Law on protection against domestic violence. As per the power of the enacted and come into force verdict, the court rendered protection and enforced restrictive measure for protection of a psychically and physically abused child by the own father.


Fields of activity of lawyer Jasmina Nikolova:

Lawyer Nikolova’s office has been led by the following principles in its practice:

  • Special attention to the client. She keeps her clients continuously informed. She undertakes approach towards every separate case, which shall lead to a positive and prompt result with possibly minimum expenses for the client.
  • High quality of the rendered services.
  • Confidentiality.



Dimitrinka Lalova
I am endlessly grateful to lawyer Nikolova about the responsiveness. She has answered the questions, which have worried me in one very difficult period for me, although she has even not been in the country at that time. Subsequently, she has helped me exceptionally very much at the initiating of a legal proceedings under the…
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Aleksandar Pavlov and Elena Dychinova
Aleksandar Pavlov and Elena Dychinova
It is honour and pleasure for us to express our admiration and gratitude towards Lawyer Jasmina Nikolova! We live in Toronto, Canada for 27 years and we work respectively in the field of the management and maintenance of real estates, as well as of the automobile industry of Canada. Because of this we have lost…
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Elena and Nataliya Dimitrovi
Elena and Nataliya Dimitrovi
Hearty gratitude to lawyer Jasmina Nikolova, who has responded in a difficult moment for us and has won two very important legal proceedings for parental rights  and substituting consent for travelling abroad of a  child. We have trusted her because she pays exceptionally great attention to every detail and she is completely dedicated to her…
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